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The Economics

The FOR SMOKERS ONLY strategy has many economic implications. Watch this page for published research studies and other articles related to the economics of tobacco harm reduction.

The De-Marketing of Smokeless Tobacco for Harm Reduction
By Michael L. Capella, former US Senator, Villanova University. Published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, 2007

A Misguided Tax
By Malcolm Wallop, former US Senator, chairman and founder of Frontiers of Freedom, a public policy organization dedicated to limited government, individual freedom and preservation of constitutional rights. Published in the Casper Star Tribune, 2005

Cut Taxes on Smokeless Tobacco Products to Improve Health
From the Mackinac Center for Public Policy Research, 2004

American Economic Evidence that Smokeless Works
An analysis published in Applied Economics, 2004.

Smoking Cessation Saves Smokers Money....
Find our how much you can save. Published in the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2002
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