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In the Media

Dr. Rodu's commentaries have appeared in the Washington Post and other newspapers throughout the United States. In addition, he has written articles for public policy think tanks and consumer organizations.

To Stop Going Up in Smoke
By Jeff Stier and Dr. Rodu, published in the Washington Times, 2009.

Quitting Isn't That Easy: An Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama
By Dr. Rodu, published in the Chicago Tribune, 2008.

Calculating the "Big Kill": CDC Estimates of Smoking-Related Deaths Do Not Add Up
By Dr. Rodu, published in Regulation (Cato Institute), 2008.

Save Lives by Cutting Tax on Smokeless Tobacco
By Dr. Rodu, published in the Lexington Herald-Leader , 2008.

Prohibitionist Bill Ignores Life-Saving Strategy
By Dr. Rodu, published in the Buffalo News, 2007.

Here's to Your Health: Americans Are Posting Gains in the Most Vital Statistic of All
By Dr. Rodu and Dr. Philip Cole, published in the Washington Post, 2007.

Tobacco Harm Reduction
By Dr. Rodu, published in Convenience Store News, 2007.

Smokeout: Not as Easy as ABC
By Dr. Rodu and Jeff Stier, Associate Director of the American Council on Science and Health, published in the Washington Times , 2005.

Is Smokeless Tobacco Effective in Reducing Cigarette Smoking and Tobacco-Related Harms?Member Commentary by Brad Rodu, published in the Newsletter of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, 2005

Give Facts a Chance: How a Campaign of Misinformation Deprives American Smokers of Facts They Should Hear About Smokeless Tobacco
Published by the Capital Research Center, in Organization Trends, 2004

Tobacco Bans in Prisons: A Midcourse Correction for Correctional Systems
Appearing in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2004.

Swedish Tobacco Use: Smoking, Smokeless and History
Appearing in Facts and Fears (American Council on Science and Health), 2004.

Dr. Rodu's Congressional Testimony
Before a House Subcommittee, 2003

News You Can't Use: The Surgeon General's Views on Tobacco
Dr. Rodu's Washington Times Commentary, 2003.

A Rational Tobacco Tax Policy
Published in the Tallahassee Democrat, 2003.

The Failed American Anti-Smoking Campaign
Commentary in the Athens (GA) Banner Herald, 2003.

Dr. Rodu's Presentation in the British Parliament
Presented in the House of Commons, London, 2003

Smokeless Tobacco for Inveterate Smokers
Dr. Rodu's Commentary in Physician's Weekly, 2002.

Safe Substitute for Cigarettes? Go Smokeless
Published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1998.

The National Cancer Institute: A Taxpayer-Funded Crusader
Published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1996.

We Already Knew the Smoking Secret
Published in the Washington Times, 1995.

On Tobacco Taxes
Published by the Birmingham News, 1995.

Deregulating Prescription Nicotine: An Open Letter to the FDA Commissioner David Kessler
Published by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1995.

Smokeless Tobacco is a Lifesaver
Appearing in Priorities, from the prestigious American Council on Science and Health, 1995.

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