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Our Harm Reduction Strategy
Smokeless Tobacco is a Lifesaver
  The Scientific Rationale
  From Science to Practice
  Judging Nicotine
  Advising the Smoker
  For Smokers Only
  Rethinking Tobacco Control
The Research
  Our Harm Reduction Research - The Scientific Foundation For Our Strategy
  The Swedish "Miracle" - Research From Sweden Proves That Tobacco Harm Reduction Works! -- Updated July 22nd, 2004
The Economics
  A Misguided Tax
  Cut Taxes on Smokeless Tobacco To Improve Health
  American Economic Evidence
  Smoking Cessation Saves Smokers Money ...
For Smokers Only: The Book
  Buy the Book, For Smokers Only
  About the Book, For Smokers Only
  Reviews of For Smokers Only
In the Media
  Safe Substitute for Cigarettes? Go Smokeless
  The National Cancer Institute: A Taxpayer-Funded Crusader
  We Already Knew the Smoking Secret
  On Tobacco Taxes
  Deregulating Prescription Nicotine: An Open Letter to the FDA Commissioner

What Others Are Saying

  Smokeless and Mirrors: Stuff This in Your Pipe - and Don't Smoke It, by Ken Boehm
  A New Health Threat: Federally-Funded Health Policy Based on Junk Science
  Is Smokeless Safter? by Valerie Reitman
  A Surprising Way to Cut Smoking Deaths, by Steve Chapman
  A Smokeless Alternative to Quitting, by Sally Satel, MD.
  Where There's Smoke, By Sally Satel, MD.
  Cancer Experts Back Return of Tobacco "Teabags," by Alan MacDermid
  Smokers Have Alternate Outlet for Addiction, By Terence Scanlon
  Lying About Smokeless Tobacco, by Jay Ambrose
  Death By Denied Information, by Jay Ambrose
  Anti-Tobacco Zealouts, by Walter E. Williams
  John Allen Paulos, Professor, Temple University
  Phillip Whidden, Association for Nonsmokers' Rights (United Kingdom)
Financial Support
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Agents in Smokeless Tobacco: How Much, and How Detrimental?


The Antioxidant Properties of Tobacco

  The Oral Cancer Risk of Smokeless Tobacco Products
  The Role of Smokeless Tobacco in Smoking Cessation
  Breaking an Industry Taboo...The Nicotine Content of Smokeless Products