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The Swedish "Miracle"- Research from Sweden Proves That Tobacco Harm Reduction Works!

Smoking in the European Union: How Swede It Could Be
Comparing lung cancer in all other European Union countries with Sweden, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 2009 .

Smoking Rate Among Swedish Boys is Lowest in All of Europe; 15-Years of Survey Data Links Snus Use to Low Smoking Rates
National Swedish data from over 80,000 surveys, published in Tobacco Control, 2005.

The Miracle Continues: Women Join Men in Making Smoking "History" in Northern Sweden
Swedish statistics from 2004, published in the Scandanavian Journal of Public Health, 2005.

Deaths from Smoking in Sweden and other European Union Countries
Saving 200,000 lives per year in the European Union, appearing in the European Journal of Epidemiology, 2004.

Unlike Cigarettes, Use of Swedish "Snus" Smokeless Tobacco Does Not Increase Diabetes Risk
Further evidence from Sweden of the relative saftey of smokeless tobacco use, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, 2004.

How Swedes Quit Smoking Without the Weight Gain
Overcoming a major hurdle to quitting, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, 2004.

Swedish Tobacco Use: Smoking, Smokeless and History
Appearing in Facts and Fears (American Council on Science and Health), 2004.

How Swede It Is!
More research from Sweden, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, 2003

How Smokeless Tobacco Snuffed Out Smoking in Sweden
The Swedish Experience, analyzed in the Journal of Internal Medicine, 2002.
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