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Related Links

University of Alberta Tobacco Harm Reduction Group
An exellent website devoted to many aspects of tobacco harm reduction. This creative research group deconstructs the myths surrounding smokeless tobacco use.

The American Council on Science and Health
This outstanding organization provides accurate, insightful and refreshing views on many aspects of science as they relate to your health.

Smokeless Tobacco Action Group (STAG) - Australia
This group was formed to educate Australian provincial and federal governments about tobacco harm reduction. More specifically, STAG wants the Australian government to repeal a ban on the sale of smokeless products, and it wants smokeless tobacco to be fairly taxed and in direct proportion to low health risks.

SmokeLess New Zealand
A group of tobacco policy researchers and experts believe that smokeless tobacco is an important part of making New Zealand smoke-free by 2016.

Tobacco BBS
News about all aspects of tobacco

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